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"One Sole Purpose"

an original screenplay by

Stephanie Swinnea

"A fast horse, a solemn oath, a bag of mail, and 36 hours of fear."

Daniel Stewart, a boy of 16, takes a man's job riding for the Pony Express during the Indian Nations uprising of 1860.

Inspired by the true stories of the Pony Express and crafted by an expert storyteller.

"A Tale Worth Telling"

an original screenplay by

Stephanie Swinnea

"Submit my neck to the Irish yoke again? You can't ask this of me!" .....But He did.

In the time of Roman Britannia, a noble's son is captured by pirates and sold into Irish slavery, where brutality builds his faith and humility forges his mission, and he discovers his greater enemies to be those of his own country, his own church, his own humanity.

Inspired by the Confession of Saint Patrick

and written by the author of the well received novel,"I, Patrick, a Sinner..."

"Two Robins"

an original screenplay by

Stephanie Swinnea and George Tirl

A romantic family comedy about a boy who kidnaps himself to prevent the dissolution of his parents' marriage, with the self-interested help of a pseudo-psychic.

"Lotte, My Love"

an original screenplay by

Stephanie Swinnea, George Tirl and Tom Hasler

"Not every German is a Nazi, and not every Nazi is German."

Karel Hasler, song-writer, comedian, motion picture star and Czechoslavakian patriot, falls in love with Lotte, a German intellectual, shortly after the occupation in 1938, and both become ostracized by their communities prior to his arrest and sentence to a German concentration camp.

Based on the memoirs of Charlotte Hasler.